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love your entrepreneurial journey

If you’ve recently taken your own entrepreneurial leap, then you’re in the right place.

Today, we get to chat with Evan Tarver, who you might remember from a previous episode on Kate’s Take all about how to go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur.

A lot has changed since our last chat: Evan not only ditched his 9-5, but he’s also successfully running his own business and published his first book in early 2016.

As a result, he’s more fired up than ever to help those who are still hustling to get their business up and running navigate their journey.

You see, Evan understands something that’s probably very fresh in your mind – likely something you’re experiencing right now: your entrepreneurial journey is going to be tough.

Ups, downs, and in-betweens are a part of every day life as an entrepreneur.

Self-doubt and fear are a constant opponent.

But the truth is, your journey is not only necessary, it can also be insanely beneficial in your growth.

Evan actually believes you should LOVE your journey.

I agree and have my own reasons, but I was more curious to hear about his; so I asked him, and he gave me his top five.

Tune in to the episode that accompanies this post to hear Evan and I dive deep on each of these 5 reasons.

5 Reasons to love your entrepreneurial journey

1. You’ll discover your unknown strengths / interests

We’ve become so enamored with our core strengths that we often focus on them to our detriment. Sure, it’s a great way to specialize, and it can be profitable to do so, but I think it’s a lot less fun. We all have hidden strengths that go unnoticed because we’re too focused on maximizing the few strengths we’ve been able to identify. The journey challenges you with unique situations where you have to call on skills and abilities previously unknown to you.

2. You’ll uncover your root passion

I think a lot of times people identify their passion with an object, title, etc., and lose sight on the core “thing” that drives their passion. For example, my passion is writing, but when I drill down deeper, my passion is actually communication and idea sharing. Writing is just the conduit I currently use to express my passion in the physical world. It might change in the future, i.e., I might start getting speaking gigs and then my conduit shifts from writing to public speaking, but at I’ve identified my root passion, which is empowering and also gives succinct direction.

3. You’ll meet people who stretch you

A common problem with our world today is that it’s globalized from an “online connectivity” sense, but many of us never really step outside of our bubble. This causes a lot of stagnation, both mentally, emotionally, and socially. By embracing the journey, and following it wherever it leads, it exposes you to people from all different walks of life. These people, whether they be entrepreneurs or bus boys, can give you greater perspective, new ideas, and new memories.

4. You’ll face your negative self-talk

We all have internal self-talk, and for a lot of us, that talk is consistently negative. In fact, it’s this self-talk that stops people from embarking on their journey in the first place. “It’s not the right time,” or, “what will people think of me if I fall,” are quick to the lips of anyone facing a risky choice. Embracing the journey allows you to face the negative self-talk that’s stopping you from living a full life.

5. You’ll force yourself to evolve

The sum of all of this is that the journey provides you with experiences that force you to stretch and evolve. This natural catalyst for self-improvement can help in any area of a person’s life: business, social, love, family, spirituality. The (personified) journey knows where you need to grow and put’s stressors on those areas so you build strength.

That’s a wrap!

Evan TarverEvan has a ton of great resources, including content around many of the topics we chatted about today over at

If you want to check out Evan’s book that we discussed today – and that inspired this post & episode – you can find it on Amazon here: Life in Twenty-Something.

Finally, look out for Evan’s upcoming fiction work, which will be published on December 14th, titled, Men of Gods: The New Earth Trilogy.

Set 10,800 years ago, a meteor threatens to destroy ancient Earth and a young man takes it upon himself to save humanity. Head over to for early access!

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