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how to share your story

Getting started online isn’t easy.

Coming up with an idea, creating valuable and consistent content, building a foundation, and promoting yourself and your business in such a way that people actually want to learn more takes a lot of time and patience.

You don’t have to do it alone

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone.

What do I mean by this?

Well, you don’t have to rely solely on your own podcast or blog in order to get noticed; you can also leverage the audiences of others in your industry or niche where you know you can make an impact.

Let’s face it: there are few better ways to grow your reach and gain exposure than via a podcast. Therefore, the more podcasts you can be a guest on where you’re truly adding value to the audience that’s tuning in, the more likely you’ll be to grow your reach and gain exposure.

I’m also a huge fan of guest blogging, as evidenced in this post I wrote a while back about exactly how to do it, along with the many benefits it brings for growth and exposure.

But I’m guessing I don’t need to convince you that guest podcasting and guest blogging on others’ platforms in your industry or niche can be of huge benefit to the growth of you and your business.

You’re probably wondering how to actually do it.

Awesome. You’re in the right place!

5 Steps to reaching out to share your story

1. Identify

First step is to identify the podcasts and blogs in your industry or niche where you know you can add value to their audience.

How do you know whether you can add value to their audience?

  • Their audience has the same or similar goals as your audience
  • Their audience can benefit from your expertise
  • You can help solve a pain point their audience has

Now that’s basically saying the same thing in 3 different ways, but I did that on purpose. Essentially, you want to know that the information you have to share will resonate and be of value to those tuning in – the same criteria you use when publishing your own content.

Because if you can add value to those tuning in, then I can guarantee a certain percent will want to find out more about you and what it is you have to offer.

Also, in this case, size doesn’t matter.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you haven’t done much guest podcasting or guest blogging, then don’t go to the hugest name or site or podcast in your industry – go to a niche podcast or site regardless of the size of their audience, and start figuring out how you can build a ladder you can climb over time.

2. Research

Once you have a list of the podcasts and blogs in your industry or niche where you know you can add value to their audience, you want to do some research.

What topics have they covered recently?

Let’s say you have incredible value to share as it relates to creating a marketing plan for course launches, and you’re looking to share the 5 marketing strategies everyone needs to follow in order to have a successful launch.

Has this podcast or blog ever talked about something similar?

Did they recently do an episode or post around what a marketing plan is made up of?

If so, that’d be an excellent piece of content for you to cite when reaching out and making the ask.

How do they deliver their content to their audience?

When checking out the content they’ve recently published, what do you notice about their style, tone, length and depth?

These are things you’ll want to know before reaching out and making the ask, because if you can offer up exactly what they already deliver to their audience, then the chances of them saying yes are a lot higher.

Don’t make them think too hard about it or do any of the work – this is your ask, and you’re the one doing the work to make it happen.

3. Plan

Now that you have your list and you’ve done some research, you should feel confident that you’re a great fit for every podcast and blog on your list.

Maybe some didn’t make the cut because you realized that what you have to share probably isn’t a great fit, and that’s okay.

Next, it’s time to plan out exactly how you’re going to add value, because the most important thing you can do when you reach out to the podcasters and bloggers on your list is be able to clearly and effectively communicate why they should say yes.

So, given the research you did, why do you feel you’re a great fit for each of the podcasts and blogs on your list?

Additionally, what is it you’re proposing to each of them?

  • A podcast interview
  • A guest post on their blog
  • Some other form of collaboration

Next, what topic are you proposing to discuss, and what are 3-5 points you can share to give the podcast or blog owner an idea of the value you’re going to provide.

Write it out and be prepared to take action once you reach out.

4. Reach out

Now that you have a plan and a proposal for each of the podcasters and bloggers you’ll be reaching out to, it’s time to reach out and make the ask!

While it’s tempting to want to provide a ton of information and detail so you’re absolutely sure to convince them you’re going to be amazing, don’t do it!

Chances are, the podcaster or blogger you’re reaching out to is busy, and when they open an email that’s 15 paragraphs long, they’re going to close it (or at the very least set it to the side and mark it as ‘not urgent’.)

Try your best to communicate in 5 sentences or less everything they need to know in order to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This doesn’t mean that you can’t expound on your request once they reply, but if you can’t get a ‘yes’ right away, you at least want engagement.

Also, be sure to follow up!

It’s not their responsibility to get back to you. It’s your responsibility to follow up until you have an answer. Boomerang is a great tool for gmail that can help you remember when to follow up 😉

5. Crush it

Last thing for you to do is follow through and absolutely crush this amazing opportunity! And don’t let this stop when the podcast episode is recorded or the blog post submitted.

Crush it 100% by not only expressing your gratitude for the opportunity and asking your new-found peer and friend if there’s anything YOU can do to help support them, but also be sure to share the guest appearance with your audience, friends, and anyone else you feel could benefit from the information you shared.

You’ve just been gifted an awesome opportunity. Don’t let it go to waste.

That’s a wrap!

To wrap this all up, if you truly believe you have a story that can inspire others, or lesson to share that will be of value, then you’re obligated to follow the 5 steps above and share your story and lessons with the world.

Guest podcasting and blogging is a perfect way to do it because it’s a win-win: you add value to the world, and all while you increase your potential of gaining exposure in your industry or niche.

Shout out to David MacDonald, who inspired me to write this post. David, I hope these 5 steps were helpful for you!

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