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On many successful Podcasts, you’ll hear them.

Some VERY successful shows like The Tim Ferris Show often dedicate the first 2-4 minutes of every show to sponsors (note that his shows often run well over an hour of great content).

For EOFire, I was approached by sponsors at month six of my Podcasting journey.

Since then, I’ve rocked two 15-second Preroll sponsors (beginning of the show) two 60-second Midroll sponsors (right before the lightning round) and sometimes even a 30-second Postroll (end of the show).

Having a daily show with that many sponsorship slots is quite lucrative, and if you’ve read our income reports you’ll see we often generate over 50k a month in sponsorship revenue, even topping 100k a few times… wowser.

Sponsorship revenue is important to EOFire.

A daily show is a lot of work, and as our income reports show, we spend a lot of money each month running this ship.

However, as the years have gone by, we’ve added more revenue streams to our business, and have also been able to build a nice nest egg of savings.

The Freedom Journal, Podcast Websites, joint ventures, and other revenue streams have helped diversify our income.

As a result, sponsorship revenue is less important now than when I started.

So a few months ago, I sat down to think deeply on the direction I wanted EOFire (The Podcast) to take.

My #1 goal with EOFire is to grow my audience and provide free, valuable, and consistent content to Fire Nation.

So how can I do that?

By creating a BETTER listening experience for those who tune in.

Every day I receive emails from listeners who share how much value they receive from EOFire and how they often recommend it to others.

That got me thinking about the JOURNEY of those who were encouraged to listen to EOFire for the first time by friends, family, or peers.

I realized:

1. Most have likely never heard of me before.

2. Many have likely not listened to a lot Podcasts – if any.

3. Most likely go into the experience with an open mind.

Then what happens?

They press play, my voice hits their ears for a few seconds welcoming them, and then **BAM** Sponsor #1, then **BAM** Sponsor #2.

Before they’ve even settled in, I’ve tried to send my new listener off on two different calls to action, leaving them confused and disoriented – and perhaps a bit turned off since they don’t even know ME yet.

To compare, it’s like going to a website to read an article that was recommended to you, and then **BAM** popup ad #1, then **BAM** popup ad #2.

Most people probably press through and read the article, but how are they going to look back on their experience, both consciously and subconsciously?

Yes, I’m talking to you…

When I was done turning all this over in my head, I decided my #1 priority was to focus on making the first minute of EOFire a great listening experience.

Of course, making ALL of EOFire a great listening experience is the goal, but Rome wasn’t built in a day now was it?

I came to the realization that Prerolls were the first thing that had to go.

Is it going to hurt my bottom line?


Is it going to improve the listening experience?


The decision?

No more Prerolls.

As of August 1st, 2016, you will not hear a Preroll on EOFire.

When you press play, you’re diving STRAIGHT into an episode of EOFire.

The new structure:

1. A welcoming word to Fire Nation.

2. A blurb on what EOFire is.

3. A blurb on an EOFire resource (like

4. Then BOOM, by the 30-second mark I’m welcoming that day’s guest and diving right into the interview!

The difference for a first-time listener?

Now they are welcomed, given a quick overview of EOFire, alerted about a sweet EOFire resource, and BOOM, it’s showtime!

Click here to listen to the NEW EOFire format 🙂

In summation, I have NOTHING against Prerolls. They’ve played a VERY important revenue roll at EOFire for over 3 years.

However, I’m in a fortunate situation where I’m able to start a new chapter in EOFire’s journey, and this chapter will have NO sponsorship Prerolls.

Fire Nation, I would LOVE your feedback on the new EOFire format.

I hope many will love it, I’m sure some will hate it, and others may fall somewhere in between.

ALL feedback is super helpful, so bring it on Fire Nation, bring it ON!


PS: Join me on the journey to creating Self~Mastery Journal, and be prepared to master productivity, discipline, and focus in 100 days!

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