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Life isn’t always easy.

Neither is running a business.

Things come up that you didn’t expect; you face financial challenges at the worst possible moments; relationships with your friends and family hit rocky patches.

But I’m sure you can agree: you’re pretty darn lucky to be in a position to create an opportunity out of what might seem, in the moment, like something very annoying and inconvenient; to be able to:

  • accept challenges – even when you don’t expect them;
  • offer up your services in order to earn money – even when you’re fielding overdraft charges from your bank;
  • simply have relationships with your friends and family – even if they need repairing.


Last week we returned to our home in Puerto Rico for the first time post-Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria has done a lot of damage.

  • She has destroyed entire islands;
  • She has left countless numbers homeless;
  • She has taken the island’s power;
  • She has also taken a lot of lives.

Something else Hurricane Maria has done:

She has put things into perspective.

You’ve probably experienced a life event at some point that really put things into perspective for you, too.

Hopefully you carry that lesson with you, and when you think about the fact that life – or running a business – isn’t easy, you’ll be thankful – you’ll feel lucky – that you’re in a position to create an opportunity.

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