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Win tomorrow today

We’ve been learning how to win tomorrow today our entire lives.

When I was in grade school, every night before I went to bed, I would lay out my clothes for the next day, I would pack my backpack, and I would help my mom put my lunch together.

When I was in high school I was a triathlete; I played volleyball in the Fall, basketball in the Winter, and softball in the Spring. Every single day of my high school career, minus game days, I was at practice for one of these sports.

When I was in college, every weeknight I would go to the library to do my homework. I knew if I was in my dorm room it would take me twice as long to get it done.

I’m willing to bet your days in grade school, high school, and college were somewhat similar.

Even if you didn’t help your mom put your lunch together, or play sports, or go to the library, you did have a routine that helped you be more productive; you made commitments and were disciplined about following through with them; and you knew where you had to go in order to focus.

What made you stop?

For many of you, even though you’ve been learning how to win tomorrow today your entire life, you’ve stopped taking the simple steps you already know how to take in order to make it happen.

Your job, house, pets, kids, significant other, friends, family – one, or all of them have become an excuse for you… the reason why you don’t have a routine, make commitments, or take responsibility for the things you know you need to get done.

Yes, priorities do shift and your life changes significantly as you move through different chapters. What might have been your routine just five years ago may not be possible anymore.

So why aren’t you changing it?

Just because your routine, your commitments and you taking responsibility has changed in some way, shape or form doesn’t mean you can’t still have and do all of these things.

Winning tomorrow today is a choice you get to make.

You either choose to win tomorrow today, or you don’t. It’s that simple.

Win Tomorrow Today, every day

We win tomorrow today by being prepared and by committing to what we want to accomplish before the day even starts.

Here are 3 steps you can follow every day in order to win tomorrow before it even starts.

3 Steps to getting back on track

1. Establish a morning routine

If you could sit down and write out exactly what you want to happen in the first hour of your day tomorrow, what would it include?

Of course there will be things like:

Brush my teeth;

Take a shower;

Get dressed…

But beyond basic hygiene, what activities or tasks would really help you start your day off right?

Maybe things like:

Go for a run

Call my mom and dad and tell them I love them

Make my green smoothie

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same every single day; the purpose is to establish the activities you want to do first thing in the morning that will help you feel energized and refreshed.

2. Give your routine a timeline

Now that you have your routine written out – the 5, 6, 7 things you want to do the next morning that will help you feel energized and refreshed – give yourself a timeline.

How long will each of these things take you?

By what time will you be sitting down at your computer to start your workday?

Giving your routine a timeline will help you hold yourself accountable to staying on track.

3. Declare the ONE goal you want to accomplish

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You wake up, shower, grab coffee, piddle around the house a bit, make it into your office, sit down at your computer, open it up, and the first thing you think to yourself is “What should I work on first?”

This is typically followed by five, maybe 10 minutes of looking through notes, emails and documents to orient yourself and figure out where exactly it was you left off the night before.

Then, for about 20 – 30 minutes, you waste more time on little distractions like jotting down more notes, checking Facebook and actually getting to a point where you have some sort of idea about what you’ll work on first that’s actually meaningful to your business.

What if instead of doing all that, you finished your morning routine, sat down at your computer, and immediately got to work on making progress towards accomplish one goal you declared the night before?

What if the first 45 minutes of your workday were spent checking items off your to-do list instead of adding to it?

What if before noon you got more accomplished than you normally would in the course of an entire day?

When you declare ONE goal you want to accomplish before your day even starts, you know exactly what to work on first, which will help you continue to build on the powerful momentum you already have going from crushing your morning routine.

We all know how to win tomorrow today; we’ve been learning it our entire lives.

Today is the day you get back on track and start practicing how you’re going to win tomorrow today, every day.

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