Latest EOFire Podcast S6E5: Spotlight: How to manage mindset and stay motivated w/ Meghan Alonso

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Staying motivated

In today’s episode I chat with Meghan Alonso, founder of Imua Services.

Between Season 5 and Season 6 Meghan sent me a voice message about some struggles she was facing given a recent move from California to Virginia.

We all know moving isn’t easy, but throw in the fact that a major project you’re working on hit a few snags, you’re feeling totally unmotivated, and you don’t have a community of like-minded people to surround yourself with for support.

I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to chat with Meghan about how she overcame this funk in her business – and her life.

Managing mindset and how to stay motivated

Tune in to listen as Meghan and I chat about:

  • How to stay motivated – both personally and professionally
  • Why it’s so important to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs / like-minded people
  • Ways to manage mindset
  • Ideas for connecting with others when you work at home
  • And how a book she received from a friend 12 years ago turned everything around for her.

Mentioned during this episode

Simon Sinek’s TedX: Start with Why

A Purpose Driven Life

Meghan’s episode onĀ EOFire (1567)

Meghan’s Idea Validation Quiz for medical device creators

Next up in Season 6

Next up in Season 6 we’ll be talking about how to create a project plan you can manage that will turn your side hustle into your main hustle.

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