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It’s always been my thought that if you’re not learning anything from the projects and goals you’re working on, then what’s the point?

The lessons you learn along the way all prepare you for future projects and goals, and they remind you that nothing of high value comes easy.

We identified 8 lessons learned from launching The Freedom Journal on Kickstarter, and here they are.

8 Lessons Learned from launching The Freedom Journal

Tune in to this episode for details on every lesson learned we share here!

1. Enjoy the Journey

Launching is just the beginning 🙂

2. Your Kickstarter page design, video, and the story you tell make a big difference

Our designer spent countless hours refining our Kickstarter page, and we pulled out all the stop when it came to creating an incredible Kickstarter video (I talked about this in detail in our Hiring episode).

Our designer’s #1 tip? Do your homework! What is the competition doing, and based on that, how can you make your page unique?

3. There’s no guarantee you’ll get featured

We were convinced with the success of The Freedom Journal campaign in the first 24 hours that we’d get a feature on Kickstarter. Turns out, Kickstarter had other plans.

4. Not every idea will work

And that’s ok!

5. Building relationships of trust and value is powerful

The results of The Freedom Journal campaign would have been a whole lot different without the support from our friends and past interviewees on Entrepreneurs On Fire. It’s important to consider the time that goes into building a foundation that can steadily support your campaign.

6. We missed – A LOT

But we also learned a lot after the fact!

Be open to learning new lessons and don’t forget to take that knowledge onto the next project with you!


7. Celebrate the wins along the way

Like many of our Freedom Lovers who are on their 100 day journey, we know how important it is to celebrate the wins along the way. Not only to give yourself well deserved props, but also so you can prove to yourself you ARE making progress!

There may be a lot of hiccups along the way – roadblocks and major pivot points – and that’s why celebrating the wins when they come can make all the difference.

The Freedom Journal

The Freedom Journal

The Freedom Journal

The Freedom Journal

The Freedom Journal

8. There is A LOT involved with selling a physical product

Taxes? Who said anything about taxes?

We did a pretty incredible job of preparing for this launch; however, one thing we weren’t prepared for was the work involved – and steps required – once we started distributing and selling The Freedom Journal outside of Kickstarter.

Here’s a resource that will help if you’re interested in learning more about selling on Amazon (see links at the bottom of the page.)

And if you’re interested in connecting with an incredible CPA and Lawyer to help on your journey, we have two of the best in the biz on our team:

CPA On Fire Josh Bauerle

Legal Expert David Lizerbram

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