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Ever wake up in the morning feeling exhausted?

Or maybe you’ve heard from your significant other once or twice that you talk in your sleep a lot, or are super restless throughout the night…

If you’re not getting a good nights sleep, then your ability to focus, stay energized and motivated, and dominate your day is very low.

Thing is, without focus, energy, motivation and domination are the exact things you need in order to accomplish your biggest goals and achieve freedom in your business and life.

In today’s bonus episode, I invite a very special guest to join us: The Real Brian.

The Real Brian isn’t just any old Brian (as you can tell by the name).

He’s host of The Real Brian Show and has extensive experience in podcasting from previous shows he’s produced like Profitcast and our very own Podcasters’ Paradise Podcast.

During our chat we talk about things like:

  • The importance of getting a great nights sleep;
  • The one thing Brian has done to improve the quality of his sleep (plus what my bedroom looks like);
  • What Brian’s morning routine¬†looks like today, and how it has evolved;
  • A HUGE struggle for both myself and Brian: saying NO;
  • Plus a lot more awesomeness.

Want to connect with The Real Brian? Head over to!

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