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When compared with The Freedom Journal launch, The Mastery Journal launch is coming up well short.

Day 5 of The Freedom Journal: $170,190 & 2882 backers.

Day 5 of The Mastery Journal: $103,128 & 1389 backers.

The above comparison is discouraging, but as I often say, COMPARE & DESPAIR.

Plus, not all comparisons are straight correlations to the numbers.

How so?

With the launch of The Mastery Journal, I went on a marketing blitz.

Guest appearances on big Podcasts, Facebook and Instagram ads, guest posts on blogs like Michael Hyatt’s, sponsoring Podcast’s like Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, and much much more.

The result?

The Freedom Journal sales are WAY up…I mean BIG TIME.

Something I expected on a small level, but not this big.

Thursday’s EOFire guest Alissa Daire Nelson emailed me and said John, I’m getting emails from Fire Nation saying they bought The Freedom Journal as soon as they heard my episode, did you expect that?

Not really…

But upon reflection, it makes sense.

The Freedom Journal is VERY appealing (Accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days) and in today’s Amazon Prime economy, we want things NOW!

The Mastery Journal will ship in late February.

The Freedom Journal ships TODAY.

Let me show you some numbers and screenshots of this reality…

Amazon stats for The Freedom Journal


The above chart shows how in just 5 days (Mon thru Fri) we’ve sold 247 Freedom Journals on Amazon…a number that will surely be over 300 by Sunday evening, giving us a 3X increase in sales, from 108 units and $4,212 last week to well over 300 units and $12,000 this week.

HUGE. Not to mention how this is increasing The Freedom Journal ranking in Amazon which is leading to more and more organic sales… stats








The above graphics now show the HUGE bump in sales we’ve also experienced for The Freedom Journal at starting on January 23rd.

A 3X increase in sales from our typical 4-5k per week, to what will be 12k to 14k by the time Sunday has concluded.


As you can tell, I’m a numbers guy & there’s truth in the saying numbers don’t lie.

My hope is with this email you’ll see there are multiple layers to numbers, especially when you’re launching your 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th product.

Thank you again to those who have patiently supported The Mastery Journal campaign.

It’s my best work to date, and I promise will be WELL worth the wait!

Make sure to check out the 2nd video we added to the Kickstarter page, and have a wonderful weekend!

The Mastery Journal: Master productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days!



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