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Top Entrepreneur Conferences

There are dozens of reasons why attending events is an important part of your entrepreneurial journey and growth, and it all starts with finding the right ones to attend.

Every year we put together our list of top conferences for entrepreneurs. You might see repeat conferences we’ve had on previous years’ lists, and you might see a few new ones, too.

That’s because we don’t recycle lists.

We do research and we attend most of the events on our lists ourselves.

We create these posts each year to present them in a way that will be most helpful for you in terms of deciding whether one, a few, or several can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

How do you know which conferences are right for you?

When deciding whether a conference in right for you, there are several factors to consider.

Here are a few to help as you check out our list for 2017…

  • Will the conference put you in front of your ideal customer?
  • Will the conference connect you with leaders in your industry?
  • Are there special events in or around the area you can double up on?
  • Given the content, can you take something away that will help you get one step closer to your business goals?

Now that you have some criteria to help, let’s dive into the top conference for entrepreneurs in 2017!

Top conferences for entrepreneurs in 2017

Funnel Hacking LIVE

Feb 21-23, 2017, Dallas, TX

Quick description: Discover the cutting edge secrets of funnel hacking.

Long description:

We attended Funnel Hacking Live as attendees in San Diego, CA in 2016.

Do you ideas for products and services you can sell to your audience, but you’re not sure what your next steps are?

Do you wish you knew more about email marketing campaigns, the structure of them, and how to actually set them up?

If you said ‘yes’ to either or both of the questions above, then Funnel Hacking Live is for you.

Put on by Click Funnels, Funnel Hacking Live gives you step-by-step instruction, a lot of inspiration, and brings you together with like-minded people.

Check out this sneak peek of Click Funnels, the software we use to run our Free Courses and other campaigns here at EOFire. If you like what you see, then you’ll love Funnel Hacking Live.

Tropical Think Tank

March 10-15, 2017, Cebu, Philippines

Quick description: Attending this event will change your business and life forever (we’re speaking from experience!)

Long description: 

John attended Tropical Think Tank as a speaker in 2014, and we both attended as speakers in 2015.

Tropical Think Tank is unlike any other conference I’ve ever attended.

Not only is it all-inclusive at a tropical resort in Cebu, Philippines, but more importantly, it puts you within a 1 mile radius of 10 top-notch speakers and 40+ like-minded attendees for an entire week.

You just don’t get this kind of access and closeness at any other conference.

If you’re looking to connect with incredible entrepreneurs and gain life-long friendships – all while learning how to take your business to the next level through mastermind sessions and other group activities – then Tropical Think Tank is an event you can’t miss.

2017 is the LAST and final year this conference will be held, and as of Nov 1, 2016, there are only 3 spots left.

Traffic & Conversion Summit

March 10-12, 2017, San Diego, CA

Short description: Learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working right now in digital marketing.

Long description:

We attended events surrounding Traffic & Conversion Summit as attendees in 2015 & 2016.

We’ve heard from several of our online peers that Traffic & Conversion Summit is their favorite event.

If you’re looking to roll up your sleeves and do the work, then this conference will give you all the tips, tools and tactics you need in order to make it happen.

Social Media Marketing World

March 22-24, 2017, San Diego, CA

Short description: Discover the best social media marketing tactics from the world’s top experts.

Long description:

John attended SMMW14, ’15 & ’16 as a speaker, and will be speaking at SMMW17, too; I attended SMMW15 and will be at SMMW17 as an attendee.

Social Media Marketing World has it all.

From the opening night party, where you get to mix and mingle with some incredible super stars in the social media world; to the sessions, where you get to learn from some of the brightest minds in social media; all the way to the happy hours, where you get to build relationships with those who know social media marketing BEST.

If you play a big role in managing your business’s social media presence, then Social Media Marketing World has a ton of value waiting for you – from both the content and the community side of things.


April 25-27, 2017, Phoenix, AZ

Short description: Infusionsoft’s annual user conference.

Long description:

We attended iCon in 2015, John as a speaker and me as an attendee.

iCon is the most well-put together conference I’ve ever been to – breakfast, coffee, lunch, happy hours – they’ve got you covered every step of the way so you can truly focus on the content and meeting people. They truly take care of their attendees.

If you’re using Infusionsoft as your CRM, then attending this event is a no-brainer.

If you’re not using Infusionsoft as your CRM, there is still a lot of really great advice being shared as it relates to managing your client base.

World Domination Summit

July 2017, Portland, OR

Short description: A weekend of inspiration, strategizing and adventure.

Long description: 

John attended WDS in 2013 & 2014; I un-conferenced WDS in 2013 & 2014.

World Domination Summit is a massive coming together of world dreamers and doers.

If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and want to focus more on mindset than on tactical advice, then WDS is for you.

Podcast Movement

August 23-25, 2017, Anaheim, CA

Short description: Join us for the biggest podcasting event of the year!

Long description:

We’ve attended Podcast Movement as speakers since 2014.

Podcast Movement is truly that: a movement.

There’s something about being at a conference that’s so niche – where everyone is passionate about the same thing, yet everyone is leveraging the medium in a different way.

Podcast Movement brings together some of the biggest names in podcasting and the group of attendees guarantees this is one event you won’t forget.


Oct 25-28, 2017, Dallas, TX

Short description: The world’s largest Financial Content Expo.

Long description:

We have not attended FinCon.

But we have heard from several big names in the entrepreneurial and financial world that FinCon is a can’t-miss event.

If you’re in the financial industry – whether that be by way of blogging, creating online courses, providing investment coaching or guidance, producing a podcast, creating videos – then FinCon is definitely an event to check out to connect with others in your industry / niche.

Content Marketing World

Fall, 2017, Cleveland, OH

Short description: Learn and network with the best and brightest in the content marketing industry.

Long description: 

John attended FinCon in 2015 as a speaker.

Content marketing is the most powerful way to grow an audience, and therefore grow your business, regardless of what industry, niche or market you’re in.

Without valuable content to share, your business has no way of informing potential clients of what you have to offer – let alone getting them to actually want to follow you.

If you’re feeling lost when it comes to content marketing – meaning, you’re just not really sure where to start, or what medium is best for you and your business – then Content Marketing World is a great place to start.

Agents of Change

Fall, 2017, Portland, ME

Short description: Search | Social | Mobile

Long description:

John attended Agents of Change in 2012 as an attendee, and returned as a speaker in 2013, 2014 & 2016; I attended Agents of Change in 2014 and returned as a speaker in 2016.

Agents of Change is a unique, 1-day conference run by our good friend, Rich Brooks. I say unique because the intimacy of this conference is unlike what you see at most conferences.

If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to attracting more leads to your website, building a better presence and growing your engagement on social media, and learning the power of mobile marketing, then Agents of Change is for you!


Fall 2017, GoldCoast, Australia

Short description: Helping you build profitable blogs.

Long description: 

We have not attended ProBlogger.

ProBlogger is THE event for bloggers looking for new strategies and tips to help grow your blog, and therefore your business.

Learn from the best bloggers in the world and interact and engage with hundreds of incredible attendees.

We Are Podcast

Nov 2017, GoldCoast, Australia

Short description: How to grow and monetize your online business using a podcast

Long description: 

We will both be speaking at We Are Podcast in 2017! 🙂

Looking to grow and monetize your business with the help of a podcast?

We’re excited to see for ourselves everything that We Are Podcast has to offer!

That’s a wrap!

Attending conferences can do a lot for you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Not only are you learning from the best in the industry, but you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people who you can build relationships with and exchange ideas with long after the conference is over.

So, what conferences will you be attending in 2017? Let us know in the comments section below!

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