Tony Robbins’ “Money: Master The Game”

This is a great podcast on EOFire with the legend Tony Robbins.

Host JLD has this to say about Tony:

Tony Robbins might just be #1 life and business strategist of all time. He’s a billionaire philanthropist, business expert and bestselling author. Tony’s written 5 books including Money: Master the Game, and is an expert in the psychology of leadership and negotiation. He’s passionate about living through giving and currently helps to feed 100 million people a year.  Learn from an absolute master as Tony and John talk about diversifying income, taking ownership of your business, and the secret to finding fulfilment.

I love this quote at 17:17 ““Knowledge is not power: it’s potential power”, referencing the fact, that we can learn and acquire “knowledge”, but unless we take ACTION on it, it is relatively useless!  Robbins, in fact, is a huge advocate of taking MASSIVE ACTION… and a useful adjunct to this philosophy, is the idea of “massive imperfect action”.  Imperfect action is the concept that we do not need to have everything PERFECT before we release, or use it.  Just try using a recent update from one of the two largest tech/software companies on the planet Microsoft and Apple, and you’ll see this principle in action!!

Anyway, enjoy this podcast below: